X-Files Season 11: Episode 4 (No Spoilers)

Dear First Part of 2018,

All my Wednesdays are lovely for about 5 more weeks, err,6?

♥ My love for the X-Files has fallen full-blown into my social stream and life. Maybe Karma to all my GOT (Game of Thrones) fan friends.

X-Phile theories swirl that this is ALL A DREAM. As we putter through the season, having way more fun than Season 10-symbols that this could all be a dream keeping popping in. Or a parallel reality.

Episode 4 covers how much our culture change, post conspiracy theory generation. As Chris Carter said, “we started the show with a society with few active conspiracies, and now we have a reality where nothing is trusted in society.”-Paraphrased

The guy who appears in many dreams across the world is again featured in the background. We left the first episode with Scully in the hospital-to the Dream Guy Sketch in the background of each episode.

Will this be a dream?

Will X-Philers and Shippers get what we want-MULDER AND SCULLY FOREVER?!


Stay tuned, Cosmic Kittehs.


One super fun hangout post episode vlogger is can be found here.:)


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