Intros should be fun. So, here. I love my Youtube Community. Hufflepuff. Happily involved with Creative Writing, Youtube, and Live Streaming. I adore The X-Files, learning, and my 17yr old kitteh Miss Prissie Nugglesworth. Projects close to my heart include C-PTSD and Creating. Helping fund for those in need of a service dog or comfort animals. My lifestyle is whimsical, loyal, and honest about the journey of life. My curious side has granted me a nice education in the esoteric and ancient history.

I proudly provide a medley of services including transcription, Spiritual/Emotional Chats, and getting clients comfortable to release their creative goodness into the world. I didn't think these causes would be my calling, but-they seem to be. Still Love Sesame Street Characters, a Mister Rogers World. Being kind is a daily practice, especially with ourselves. Miss Prissie's voice is Cartman style.

Keep growing and set the world aflame (not literally). Follow me on Social Media, I'd love to get to know you and share my freelance advice. Blessings in Advance.

Thank you!